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Hair tips for men | Rockriver

We're here to help you have an awesome head of hair.

This is Rockriver's guide to healthy hair in 2018.

Do you have dry, itchy, and flaky scalp? Does your hair lack body, shine, and volume? Is your hair thin, and lifeless? If so then you've come to the right place. We're going to help you bring that wonderful head of hair back to life. Here's five easy steps to getting healthy hair.


Step 1: Get rid of everything with sulphates.

You would be surprised at how many inexpensive, and drug store products have harsh alcohols and sulphates in them. Check the ingredients on your shampoo, conditioner, tonics, and styling products. If you see anything ending in sulphate listed in the ingredients toss it. Sulphates work great, and clean things well. However, their place is in household cleaners and degreasers, not your hair. These products strip the natural oils from your hair and can lead to hair-loss, dry scalp, and dead looking hair.

Try to look for shampoos, conditioners, and hair products with no sulphates. We offer both here at Rockriver. Check out our Shampoos and Conditioners.


Step 2: Shampoo less, condition more.

Contrary to popular belief, you don't need to shampoo every day. In fact you should only be shampooing your hair once or twice a week. At most it should be three times a week, and that's only if you're using heavy petroleum based hair styling products. If you've been shampooing daily or every other day for a long time it may take time for your hair to adjust to it's new cleaning cycle. You may experience some extra oily hair for a few weeks, to a month, but that will pass and your hair will thank you for it. Especially if you condition more often after shampooing less.

Conditioning daily, or every other day, with a healthy balanced conditioner is important, especially in summer. This helps to keep your hair and scalp moisturised and hydrated. When your hair or scalp gets dry it throws your sebaceous glands, the natural oil factories of your scalp, into overdrive. This can cause your scalp and hair to look and feel greasy, or oily. It can also cause your hair follicles, and sebaceous glands, a lot of stress. So, make sure to grab yourself a balanced, daily, conditioner with natural oils and butters, and stop shampooing so much.


Step 3: Stop scrubbing and towel drying your hair so furiously.

You may be tough as hell, but your hair and scalp are gentle and sensitive. When you towel dry your hair and scrub shit out of your scalp you're damaging your precious hair follicles and scalp. Learn to pat dry, air dry, or blow dry your hair on low heat. This prevents your those sebaceous glands of yours, those oil factories from earlier, from going freaking out and working over time. It also prevents the unhealthy hairs from simply giving up and falling out.

Think of it like this. Rubbing your hair causes friction. Friction causes heat. Heat causes dryness. Dryness leads to messed up, and broken, hair.

Step 4: Eat better foods, stay healthy, and take care of your brain.

Yes, your hair health is a direct reflection of your physical, and mental, health. It's pretty obvious if you think about it. If you eat garbage your body processes that garbage and uses it for every function it does. This includes oil and hair production. If you're stressed out, depressed, or have anxiety that can also lead to unhealthy hair and scalp.

Mental health is hugely important, not only for your well being and physical health, but for your hair as well. Stress, depression and anxiety have all been shown to affect hair growth, and over all hair health, in some way. Usually it's by slowing down hair growth rates and causing imbalances in oil production.

Mental health has become a growing issue with men and it is something that is immensely important to us at Rockriver. If you're suffering from any kind of stress, anxiety, depression, or any other mental health issue we highly recommend working with a counselor. You can find all kinds of services for mental health at Psychology Today.

So, be healthy and happy. If not for you, then for your hair. You can do it, you are awesome, and  you deserve it.

Step 5: Get a haircut.

Split ends are real, even for men. Split ends can cause your hair to look a lot less healthy then it is. Regularly trimming your hair fixes this problem entirely, and you get to hang out with your barber. We recommend getting a trim, even if you're growing your hair out, every six to eight weeks, if not sooner. Not only will you keep your bitchin hairstyle, or be able to change it up, your hair will look and feel way more healthy. This may also inadvertently help with step 4. Barbers are no substitute for a licensed counselor, but looking good, and being able to talk to someone, who will listen, has been proven to greatly improve one's overall mood. And, if you can't trust your barber, I don't know who you can trust.


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