Top 5 Hair Healthy Ingredients | Why We Use Them in Rockriver Products.

Top 5 Hair Healthy Ingredients and Why We Use Them in Rockriver Products.


Here at Rockriver we care about what goes into our Hair Styling, Beard Care, and body products. Below is a list of 5 all star ingredients that we use in nearly every product we make.

Shea Butter - Rockriver - Pomade Ingredients


Shea Butter is high in fatty acids. A proper amount of fatty acids can prevent dry, itchy, flaky scalp and is beneficial in reversing hair loss. Shea butter is also an emollient, meaning that it helps to significantly reduce the amount of moisture lost through the day. 


Jojoba Oil - Rockriver - Pomade ingredients.


Jojoba is a humectant, or substance that retains or preserves moisture, that helps repair ends. It is also very similar to your hairs natural oils which may help to balance out oil production in your scalp and aid to correct overproducing glands that cause overly oily hair. Since it is similar to your hairs natural oils, sebum, it is readily absorbed and can hydrate your hair from the inside out.


Olive Oil - Rockriver - Pomade Ingredients


Extra virgin olive oil is another emollient that seals and softens the hair. Non-chemically treated food and cosmetics grade extra virgin olive oil is also full of hair healthy fatty acids, which help treat a number of issue, such as dry, itchy, or flaky scalp. It also help to lock moisture in your hair, which will keep it nice and soft.


Castor Seed Oil - Rockriver - Pomade ingredients


Yet, another humectant. However, castor seed oil has also been found to have anti-fungal properties. This will help to ensure a clean scalp, beard, or hair. It has also been shown to help improve hair growth by due to it's, relatively high, ricinoleic acid ratio. Ricinoleic acid can help clean hair follicles and aid in absorption of other healthy oils, such as jojoba. Some people even use it to treat acne and even skin rashes.


Coconut oil - Rockriver - Pomade Ingredients.


Coconut oil is yet another emollient perfect for sealing moisture into the hair. Coconut oil is great for stimulating hair growth, preventing dry scalp, and slowing down hair loss. Coconut oil significantly reduces protein loss in hair. In fact it is the only oil that has been found, to date, to do this.

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