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Rockriver | Pomade Reviewer Spotlight | Spruce and Sharp

This weeks look at the growing community around men's hair, beards and grooming in general is focused on a great product reviewer by the name of Michael, A.K.A Spruce & Sharp.

Michael, has been a part of the Everything Pomade community for a while now and he has a wealth of information. If you haven't been to, or heard of Everything Pomade, you're missing out. It's a huge group of people who care about the way they look, and are generally great people. Go check it out. 

Let's talk about pomade, because that's what Micheals focus is. Pomades, there are about a billion pomades out there now. It can get confusing as to what the differences are between them, and finding what works for you can be quite costly, and often frustrating. That's where Spruce and Sharp comes into play.

He's not the most well known blogger and Youtuber; however, he has some of the better reviews out there. He's honest, sometimes brutally, and direct. There's no frills, pretension, or bullshit. Just good reviews about good, and bad, products. And, that's the important part, he's willing to tell you that a product is bad. Even if it's from a larger, well liked, company. He's willing to be honest, and help avoid wasting money, and that's important.

I've had the pleasure of speaking with him quite a few times and I can say that he's a great guy. He's down to earth, to the point, and fair. This makes for a simple and quick review style, which I like. One  thing that stands out to me is that he has a website, as well as a Youtube Channel, and does in-depth looks into each product that he reviews as well as the videos. Not a lot of reviewers do this, and even less do it well. He manages to pull it off.

He hasn't reviewed any Rockriver products, yet, but he's worth the watch. Go watch, learn, like, and subscribe. Lets do what we can to make this more than just a bunch of people who want nice, healthy, hair. Let's make this a real community. 

As always, thanks for reading and watching. For more information on our Pomades, Beard Care, and Body products feel free to check us out here.

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