Portland Barber Spotlight | Bowlcutsthebarber, Dylan Cruz

Portland Barber Spotlight 11/10/2018

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We feel that it's important to make a connection with our local barbers. Today we are taking a look at a barber from Portland, Oregon. Meet Dylan Cruz, aka bowlcutsthebarber. We connected through one of the shops we work with in Portland called Throne Traditional Barbershop. They carry our selection of Rockriver beard oils and beard balms. Dylan is an awesome guy, who gives awesome cuts. He's an inspiration to those around him. 

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Portland Barber | Dylan Crus - Bowlcutsthebarber

Dylan Cruz aka Bowlcutsthebarber


Check out our interview with Dylan: 

  • Q. Lets start with what shop you work at, so people know where to find you?
  • A. I work at Throne Traditional Barbershop in Portland Oregon. It's located on North Williams and Skidmore, between Hand and Stone and Namaste yoga studio. 

  • Q. It's important to like the place you work. How long have you been at Throne and what made you choose that barbershop?

  • A. I have been with Throne Traditional Barbershop since October of 2017. I had a goal of working here within five years of graduating, but an opportunity struck and my five year plan turned into a two and a half year plan. 
  • QIt's pretty impressive to reach a goal so quickly. You must have some previous experience. How long have you been barbering?

  • A. I have been fully licensed since May of 2015. I switched to barbering after a year and a half break.

  • Q. Awesome,  so you're still just getting started. Did you work at other barbershops before Throne, and  if so how are they different? 

  • A. Yes I have but not one that had the same dynamic and freedom my current shop offers me. Here, I am able to brand myself and keep my own individual marketing approaches. 

  • Q. What's one thing that you want to see in the future of barbering?
  • A. Collaboration and Education. That is a huge part of who I am as barber and a person. Barbers are only limited by the education they invest in themselves. I think, after being taught enough to get licensed, that it is your responsibility to seek advanced learning.  This is to progress your craft and offer better service to clients. Collaboration is essential for any small business owner, the mentality of “us verse them” doesn’t work anymore. In barbering I utilize varying avenues of connection to build up my brand, Throne, and my network. I have found success by being an encouragement to other small business owners and people I come in contact with. I like to offer clarity and not to discourage, where chaos is left in the wake.
  • Q. It seems like you're pretty busy. What do you do with what little time off you have?

  • A. I hang out with my 3 year old son, read, go to networking events and I use the time to build my dreams and goals. I also do house calls for cuts as well as home cuts in my studio before and after work.
  • Q. It seems like you have a lot on your plate. That can get difficult. Who is your biggest inspiration and how do you look to them for encouragement?
  • A. My son by far. When he was born my entire world changed and I became an entirely different person. My intentions of showing my son how to be an individual while being an example for him has helped me find my own expectations.

  • Q. There are a lot of people getting into barbering and styling. What sets you apart from other barbers and stylists?

  • A. I connect the philosophy and knowledge that I have gained with barbering with reading and my personal experiences. Some people are just a barber. And, that's okay. But, my goal is to be able to use my philosophy to inspire self development and confidence with each cut. This is my craft not a way to have a J.O.B, (just over broke). For me its about having a customer experience that's tailored to the client not the client getting what I think will look good.
  • Q. So, with some last words, what is one thing that you would like to share with those that might come to you looking for advice, a cut, a trim, or a style?
  • A. People ask me all the time where my Instagram handle, @bowlcutsthebarber, came from. So here's how it came about. I had one of my old coworkers make fun of my quality of blends by calling me Bowlcutsthebarber because my blend was looking like a halo of hair and not a tight blend. Instead of just letting the insult phase me i turned it into an LLC, Instagram profile name, and branded myself with it. I’ve that learned when people throw bricks you can use it to build what you want out of it. Also bowl cuts have a stigma attached to them. I had a childhood ridden with those cuts. So this is my way of turning the stigma of something “ugly” into something great, and kind of detached from the limited way of thinking that others can have.

There's a lot more we wanted to ask Dylan but, there's only so much more time. We plan on checking back in with Bowlcuts and a few other barbers from Throne PDX. Throne is easily one of the best barbershops in Portland and their pool of talented barbers is pretty deep. Be sure to stop in and get a cut, trim, or shave when you're in the Portland area. Both of their two locations are equally great. All of Dylan's information can be found below.

To contact Dylan or see some of his work look below:

Dylan Cruz aka bowlcutsthebarber

Barber at Throne traditional located at 4177 N Wiliams Ave Portland OR 97217 

Instagram: @Bowlcutsthebarber

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bowlcutsthebarber/

To book an appointment www.thronepdx.com located at North Portland location.

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