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Welcome Back to the Rockriver Community Spotlight!

Today we are showcasing an amazing set of shops located in our home town of Portland, Oregon. 

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Introducing Throne Traditional Barbershops

In case you don't know, the community spotlight section of our blog showcases people and businesses that are doing great things in the world of hair, beards, self care, and other issues close to us. We like quality and we know you do too. Follow our blog and we'll give you the rundown on the best cuts, information, and products. 

It's important for us to make a connection with our local barbers. We like to know who is helping build up the community around them and today we are taking a look at a barber shop that does just that. They inspire their barbers to be the best that they can be, not because it helps their business, but because it helps the community. They have also been a huge part of our success at Rockriver. They have been carrying our selection of Rockriver beard oils and beard balms for years. 

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Rockriver - Throne Traditional Barbershop - Portland Oregon - Community Sportlight

 What Throne does and why they are one of the best shops in Portland, OR: 

Throne is one of the cleanest, friendliest, and most hard working set of shops I've ever been into. Every time I have walked in there for a cut, trim, or to drop off product I am greeted with a smile, a drink, and awesome conversation. It is immediately apparent that they take pride in what they do and how they do it. Not a lot of businesses can claim this. Far too often have I walked into a shop as a customer, or on a sales meeting, and been greeted as just another customer, or a number in someones bank account. Throne Traditional dispels that feeling the moment you walk in and replaces it with a sense of care and dignity. 

When Sang Nguyen and Bobby O'Dell opened the gates of Throne, they had one mission: Ensure that every client is treated like a king. And, it shows.

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You know from the moment you walk into either of their two Portland locations that you are in good hands. Any of their well trained and passionate barbers will be able to go well above your expectations for customer service and ability to cut and style.

If you ever find your way to, or are from, Portland, OR we give Throne Traditional Barbershop a 100% endorsement. We take pride in who we work with and who we think deserves a spotlight. Throne was an easy choice. They are hands down one of the best barbershops in Portland, OR.

Go check them out!

Below List of Services:


To book an appointment head to www.thronepdx.com. Or, click on the links below.
Pearl Location:

917 NW 13TH Ave
Portland, OR 97209
p. 503.206.6674
10am to 8pm - 7 days a week


North Portland

4177 N. Williams Ave
Portland, OR 97217
p. 503.954.2286
10am to 8pm - 7 days a week

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