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Beard Balm - Oaked Vanilla & Tobacco

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Beard Balm 2 oz.

Rockriver Beard Balm will nourish, moisturize and protect your skin and facial hair all day long. With a light moderate hold, this beard balm will give a beard great shape throughout the day, leaving your beard silky and soft.

About the beard balm:

Shea butter and beeswax help keep your beard moisturized and prevent water loss.
Natural oils Keep skin and hair full and hydrated.
Adds shine and volume.
Prevents split ends.
Straighten and strengthen strands.
Soothes and softens the skin and hair.
Prevents dry brittle hair.
Forms a protective barrier to prevent damage from free radicals, and UV rays.
Beneficial for acne, “beardruff”, eczema, sunburns, insect bites, psoriasis and dry skin.
Deep penetration for maximum benefits of nutrition uptake for skin and hair.
Anti-aging properties (reduce wrinkles, tones & tightens skin).
Nourishes skin and hair.
Rich in vitamins


Scent Descriptions:

The scent is a light, yet fragrant, a mixture of Tobacco, Bay Leaf, and Oaked Vanilla. It is crisp, masculine and natural smelling. Top notes of Vanilla and Oak fade throughout the day and settle into an amazing, manly, scent of bay leaf and tobacco.

Also available in Unscented; for those who have extremely sensitive skin or an aversion to scents.


Can be used daily as a leave-in conditioner and styling aid. Scoop out the desired amount, working the balm with your hands until a soft oily consistency is achieved. Then apply to beard, making sure to work all the way down to skin for maximum benefits. A little experimenting may be required to find your perfect application consistency

Proudly Made in Portland, Oregon.