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Rockriver is owned and operated by Branden Rockriver. He also hand crafts all of our pomades, beard balms, and beard oil.

Branden Rockriver decided to take matters into his own hands after years of using petroleum and chemical-packed hair products that riddled him with dry scalp, an itchy beard, and a damaged complexion. Originally, the goal was simply to make hair healthy, affordable, hair styling products for his own personal use. Products that would be functional while benefitting his hair and skin.

 "What products do you use and why do you smell so good?"


Once curious inquirers discovered that this fantastic aroma was birthed from his own two hands he started receiving orders from co-workers, friends, family, and tasty sandwich creators. He received nothing but great feedback and declarations for the banishment of toxic products. He learned that he could help people look, feel, and smell good. Branden is a firm believer that if a person takes care of themselves by limiting the use of unnatural, toxic, products they will feel increasingly better.

Look good, feel good” is not just a saying, but the Rockriver way of life.

Along with using healthy products, Branden is a fan of a classic and time-honored lifestyle. Shaving with a single blade, using quality products, and having a simple existence is not only part of him, but is upheld in every Rockriver product. Living by the philosophy that adding complexities to your life takes away from its quality, he has come to appreciate the often overlooked, mindful, and meaningful. He has left a competitive and rushed lifestyle behind and found that using quality ingredients, taking his time, and listening to his customers enables him to craft the best possible products.

Since starting Rockriver Hair Supply, Branden has become a staple member of Portland Saturday Market and a valuable member of the Portland Community.

Our hair pomade, beard balm, mustache wax, beard oil, and shaving essentials are made using natural and organic ingredients. These premium products will benefit anyone concerned about using natural ingredients on their hair and skin. Enjoy the fresh scents and natural benefits of Rockriver products. Thank you for supporting a small business that truly cares about making a difference.

Rockriver is expanding and adding many new products at a rapid pace. Check back regularly or sign up for our email list to be kept up to date.

This is Branden Rockriver.

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