Our Plan

What good is a mission, or values, without a plan?

It's important to remember where you came from, but what matters is where you're going. Transparency is important to us, and we want to ensure that our customer know what we are planning for the future.

We don't like to buy from companies who hide things, or don't have good intentions. And, there are far too many of those out there. So, we are trying to change the game. Below you will find a set of action items and goals that are on our list for 2019. We hope you enjoy your look behind the curtain.

Rockriver Action Plan for Q1 2019:

Quarter 1:

  • Scrap old branding and launch re-brand.
    • To be more inclusive and get away from being a brand focused on men. Hair care and styling products are for everyone.

  • Focus our product line and limit selections to only our top performers.
    • In order to keep production in house and provide the best quality products, in a timely manner, we need to streamline our processes and offerings list.

  • Test Market for new apparel and lifestyle offerings. Sourced from ethical apparel manufacturers.
    • We want to be more then just another hair company. We feel that we can offer more value to our customers by offering more apparel, style, and lifestyle products. These products will focus on shattering mental health stigma and expose others to our values.

We hope you have enjoyed a look into our plan for the near future. We will be updating this as things change.