Our Story

This project of ours started back in 2014, with two people, in a two bedroom apartment in Portland, Oregon. We made everything, by hand, in a wax melting pot, and a small Kitchen-aid mixer.

We had a few recipes, a commitment to quality, and a supportive community. And, that's all we needed. For a while. 

At first our business was a way to get high quality products into the hands of the people, for a reasonable price. We started a with handful of products and a belief that everyone should have access to, and be able to afford, high quality goods, that are as healthy as possible. Never did we think we would grow into something other than a hobby business. However, our little operation quickly found support and grew into something more. Then we realized something. We needed to increase the scope of our Mission.

But, we knew we would never be able to do this without you. And, our mission and values include are based around that fact. Our mission and values, and therefore you, are our number one priority.

Most, of our products are still made by hand in a small office, but their impact is now so much larger. And, for that, we thank you. Without you we wouldn't be here.

- Rockriver team.

 Make sure to check out our plans for the future.