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Modern Pomade - Medium / Firm Hold - Rockriver (4oz)

"It is amazing. All of your products have been amazing, but of more of a gel pomade guy and this nails it. Great consistency and hold is perfect. I will be ordering more!" - Shayne H.

Rockriver Modern Pomade is a specially formulated, water soluble, pomade. It was created to have great endurance, without using harmful byproducts. This product is perfect for short to long hair. It also works well on thicker hair, and will provide a classic slicked back, executive contour, or pompadour look. It will make styling a breeze and keep strays from getting the best of you. This pomade provides a nice shine and can be restyled easily, with or without water. You can even comb it after it dries to make it more matte, or run your fingers through it to give yourself a nice finger combed look. This is truly the most versatile product we have ever made. Get all of the style, and hold, from a pomade without having greasy pomade hair. 

  • Hold: Medium (3.5/5)
  • Shine: Medium (4/5)
  • Scent: Oak Aged Vanilla and Tobacco
  • Washability: Water Soluble- 1 Wash, Just Water.
  • 4oz

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Proudly, hand made in Portland, Oregon.


Ask a Question
  • hey what’s the difference between the modern pomade and your regular water-based ??

      Thanks for the awesome question. The modern and water based pomade are different in a few ways. The modern pomade is 100% water soluble, no shampoo needed, dries a little bit and is super easy to work with. It is similar to how a gel type pomade, like suavecito or layrite work, but with more hair healthy ingredients and it doesn't get crunchy, or flakey like your standard gel type pomade. And, you can recomb it without water.    The water based is a mostly water soluble cream style product. It washes out with shampoo and is packed with hair healthy oils and butters. It's a little harder to work with then the modern pomade, but styles just as easy. It wont harden at all and stays somewhat wet feeling all day due to the healthy oils.